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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 3 : ISSUE - 5

Bayesian Modelling Segmentation of Psoriasis Skin Images
V.Bhavani Shankari, S.Mohan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205001

E-Intelligence Hospice Automated System
Mrs.SageenGrana, Mr.ManiRaj, M.saranya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205002

Face Spoofing Detection Using Color Texture
P. Karthikeyan, J.Velmurugan, T. Suganya
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205003

A Study On Engineering Propeites Of Black Cotton Soil Mixed With Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag And Embedded With Polypropylene Fibres
HeeraLal M, Venkatesh N, Praveen G V
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205004

Packet Loss Estimation using Fine Grained Analysis in MANETS
M.Gopinath, R.Maniraj, P.Bharathi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205005

IF-MATCHING Alert System For Indian Fisherman using Android Application
A.Jayanthi, R.Latha, G.Sivaprakash
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205005

Discovering Emerging Topics In Social Streams Via-Link Anomaly Detection
R. Latha, A. Jayanthi, M. Kavitha
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160205005

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