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International Journal of Innovative Research in
Management, Engineering and Technology

VOLUME - 4 : ISSUE - 2

Suitability Of Dredged Soil In Pavement Construction
Sreelekshmi V R, Twinkle Vinu Mohandas
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402001

Effect Of Calcium Oxide And Aluminium Oxide On The Durability Of Quarry Dust Stabilized Soft Clayey Soil
Anjana L.R,Shruthi Johnson
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402002

A Study On The Effect Of Copper Slag On Geotechnical Properties Of Clay
Arya S.P,Aswathy Sasikumar
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402003

Design And Analysis Of Sagnac Loop Frequency Characteristics
Bycil V J,Dr.M.C John Wiselin
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402004

Ways Of Effective Communication: How To Connect Efficiently
G. V. Chinmai Sai, G. V. Praveen
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402006

Effect Of 2,4-D On Callus Induction And Multiplication Of Annona Muricata
S.V.P Easwari, Dr.B.Vasanthakumari, Dr.N.Vijayakumar, Dr.P.A.Mary Helen
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402007

Effect Of Lime And Flyash On Geotechnical Properties Of Dredged Marine Soil
Kishore M S, Gayathri S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402008

Effect Of Iron Dust On Compaction And Compressive Strength Characteristics Of Soil
Krishna B, Soorya S R
Abstract PDF IJIRMET160402009

Soil Strengthening Using Caseinate : A Protein Based Biopolymer
Gopika A S, Twinkle Vinu Mohandas
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020010

A Survey On Secure Data Aggregation In Wireless Sensor Networks
Volga A Mohanan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020011

Compaction Characteristics Mapping Using Geographic Information System (Gis) For Kazhakuttam
Swathi J, Rani V.
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020012

Liver Disorderprognosis With Apache Spark Random Forest And Gradient Booster Algorithms
Thari Krishna, Dr C Rajabhushanam
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020013

Accomplishment Of The Essentials Of Managerial Skills For Graduates Through Introduction Of Management Science In The Engineering Curriculum
G. V. Praveen, G. V. Chinmai Sai
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020014

A Review On Decision Support Methods For Hospital Based Nurse Practitioners
Elizabeth Sony Thomas, Dr. Anju Pratap
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020015

A Study On Work Condition And Risks Among Road Side Food Vending Entrepreneurs In Chennai City And Suburban Areas
Dr. R. Elavarasan, Dr. S. Vijay
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020016

A Study On The Marketing Services With Special Reference To Residential Building Construction In Tamilnadu
Dr. S. Vijay, Dr. R. Elavarasan
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020017

Data Storage And Recovery In Cloud Environment Using Forensic Tools
Sajin R, Nairvineeth M, V Smita, C Thomas
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020018

Study On Effects Of Sawdust On Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit And Plasticity Index Of Bentonite
Nithya Nayakam, Gayathri S
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020019

Rakshak :The Smart Ambulance
Ima Mathew, Jeslin Antony, Rinu Rose Vj, Rosmi
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020020

A Survey On Cloud Computing Based Healthcare System
Telma George, Suma R
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020021

A Survey On Software Defined Vehicular Adhoc Network
Parvathy R Nair, Divya Sunny
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020022

Smart Car
Athira U, Neeraja Gopan ,Neeraja Gopan, Neeraja Gopan, Dinto Paul, Dr Gireeshan Mg
Abstract PDF IJIRMET1604020023

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